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Chat Safety ... it Starts with you!

If this is your first time visiting a website where users can interact with other users online, sometimes it can be very overwhelming. It really doesn’t have to be. Talking online should always be an enjoyable experience and nobody should be afraid to do so. You must take some responsibility for your actions. Due to the nature of the Internet, it would be impossible for us to tell every single user what he or she should be doing. We can only provide this information and hope that you follow them carefully. As a user, if you practice the safety tips below, you will prevent yourself from every being harmed over the Internet.

1) Only Chat with others around your age group. Report them to a moderator or your local police if they are asking you to do or about inappropriate things. Do not continue to engage in conversation with any user who identifies themselves as being older than 19.

2) Kids are encouraged to participate in these chat rooms under the supervision of their parent/guardian. Be on your guard at all times if your parent or guardian cannot be with you.

3) Do not give out any of your personal information including your social media ID’s, phone numbers and email addresses. Keep your personal information private at all times.

4) Do not ever meet anyone in real life. That is extremely dangerous. Please do not ever do it no matter how much you trust the person you are chatting with. We cannot emphasize this point enough. Just don’t do it.

5) Do not use suggestive usernames or profile pictures. We do not suggest you use your real photo. Other users can use that to search for your other social media profiles online. It is best to choose a random picture as your profile avatar. Having said that, it is also against the rules to use another persons profile picture.

6) If someone is unexpectedly being flattering to you, be on guard. A predator may be using that as a trick to allow him or her to engage in riskier conversations with you.

7) Do not reply to anyone who might be bullying you. These people are just looking for more attention from you. It is not worth it to continue on a discussion. Report them to a moderator and put them on ignore.

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